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01321987663_bgaz001.jpgThe practice of body piercing has been prevalent since the ancient times, when wearing body jewelry either signified authority or was used to beautify the body. In the present times, exhibiting strategic body piercing has become a fashion statement.
Cultural Beliefs Associated With Popular Body Piercing
The interesting background to some of the most popular types is:
Ear piercing: This most popular form of body piercing has been in practice since the primeval times. The ancient tribes believed that metals in their pierced earlobes would ward off evil spirits.
Nose piercing: The practice of piercing one’s nose has been prevalent since the biblical times, as “nose jewels” finds mention in the Book of Genesis. Native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest like the Nez Perce viewed Septum piercing as a status symbol among males.
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Lethargic Body And Fast Mind

Active mind and lethargic body will fail to bring desire goal. For short term gain do not give permanent pain to body and mind. How To Improve Your Body Image

There are millions of different things that you can do to improve your body image. Here are some suggestions. What is Body Language?

It only takes about seven seconds to determine someones mood by the look on their face. Body language is something that is considered louder than actually speaking. On most occasions, unless you are very good at hiding it, most people can detect what mood you are in without you even saying a word. Your body movement gives away how you are feeling, whether it is angry, sad, happy etc. Dressing For Your Body Shape

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and cringed at the small breasts, narrow hips or large belly? Please remember no woman, including that fabulous lingerie model, has a faultless body. However, some women through clever clothing choices,manage to downplay their flaws and accentuate their strengths better than others. These women are able to pull it off mainly because they understand their body shapes.Moving eastward, nose piercing has been common among the Middle Eastern nomadic tribes as well as married Indian women.
Tongue piercing: Civilizations of the pre Columbian era such as the Aztecs believed in injuring one’s tongue to be able to establish communication with the gods. The blood that was drawn from their tongues transported them to a different state of consciousness. They believed that in this state they would be closer to God.
Lip piercing: The reasons for lip piercing have been diverse among different tribes of America and Africa. While the Pre-Columbians of North America considered the labret as a status symbol, the Makololo tribe of Malawi used lip piercing for beautification. Similarly, the Dogon tribe of Mali had spiritual reasons for piercing their lips.
Body Piercing: What’s in Store?
Choices in body jewelry comprise:
Body piercing jewelry such as nose rings, earrings, tragus rings, lip rings and studs are available in different materials, such as gold, silver, titanium, plastics and stainless steel.
Titanium is a popular metal for body piercing.
Titanium body jewelry in the form of barbell, closure rings and ‘banana’ eyebrow rings are in huge demand.

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