Body Piercing – What is This?

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21321987717_tummytoysgroup.jpgNeedle punctures the ears, nostrils and the belly button. This is exactly what a body piercing is. After an intense puncture, a piece of jewelry is inserted. It has been a widely known customs since the earliest times. A lot of diverse cultures have been piercing their bodies for centuries. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans are making it as a body art. And simply not just an ordinary body art or decoration. It has been made as an honor to show the person’s significance in the group. This is because in the earliest times, people believed that body art can protect them from the evil spirits and this may include religion and spirituality, fashion and eroticism, conformism and identification of subculture.
An ear Piercing has been practiced since the ancient times and in tribal cultures. Different cultures have own reason of ear piercing. Like in Borneo, ear piercing is done by the young boys as a part of their puberty ritual.
Nose Piercing has been made common among the nomadic tribes of Middle East since the Biblical times.
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The demand for wholesale piercing jewelry has been increasing with an increasing popularity of body piercing. While some people get their body pierced for religious or cultural reasons, others do it simply to look cool.It is traditional for Indian women of childbearing age to wear a nose stud and a number of Native American and tribes of Alaska did practice nose piercing as a sign of their male status.
Tongue piercing was also a symbol ritual practiced by the Aztecs and other Pre-Columbian cultures and Lip piercing has originally started from the African and American tribal cultures. This is also a symbol of status, because only the highest ranking male members of the society are allowed to wear them.
This may seem to be cool for some people but this may also be dangerous and must be decided with serious decisions. When it is properly performed, the risks of getting infections are minimized.
These are the few things that one should know about body piercing.

There is a machine named as an autoclave. This type of machine uses heat to sterilize all of the non-disposable piercing tools.
You will know that the piercing you did was infected when the skin around the area where you are pierced is red and swollen.
Piercing guns that are single-used are considered safe since after one costumer will use it, it will be thrown away. Hence, there is a decrease of risk infection.
To prevent infection, you should make sure to take care of the piercing. This would probably mean cleaning the area with warm water and soap twice a day.

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